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Is there any way to prepare a 15 mnth old for a sibling?

Submitted By: Brandi_jo89(16145)

Category: Behavior

  • No they are too young
  • Give them a baby doll & practice with it
  • Other
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Would you tell a friend if you thought they were making a parenting mistake?

Submitted By: momof11(2450)

Category: Behavior

  • Yes, I'd be straightforward.
  • Yes, but I'd do it extremely subtlely.
  • Nope, none of my business. Let them learn themselves.
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At what age should you start giving time outs

Submitted By: wl1976(14180)

Category: Behavior

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
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Does your 2 year old have tantrums? What do you do?

Submitted By: admin(0)


  • Yes
  • No
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