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Skin Remaining After Circumcision

Submitted By: Chloetrask(100)

Category: Health, Bathing, Development , Diapers and Potty Training

  • Covers Glans of penis
  • Sometimes Covers Glans
  • Bunched up behind Glans
  • Skin Tight Back, Not near Glans
  • No skin left at all, Tight circumcision
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How oftan can you rotate tyenol/Motrin? I've heard.....

Submitted By: Brandi_jo89(16145)

Category: Health

  • Every 2
  • Every 3
  • Every 4
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Is whooping cough going around bad in your area? Our school is the only one on our county that has it.

Submitted By: Brandi_jo89(16145)

Category: Health

  • Yes
  • No
  • It's just starting to
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Do let your toddler have candy?

Submitted By: kayteebusch1(8875)

Category: Health, Teething and Tooth care

  • everyday
  • never
  • rarely
  • on special occasions
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My 5 yr old is embarrassed of her 5 point harness booster & calls it a baby seat, what should I do?

Submitted By: Brandi_jo89(16145)

Category: Health, Safety and childproofing

  • Keep her in it anyways, it's safer
  • Find a booster with high safety rating
  • Switch to a backless booster, it's just as safe
  • Other explain in comments
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Do you have any children who have a milk protein allergy? (Different than lactose intolerant)

Submitted By: rad013(2535)

Category: Health

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
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is it safe for children ages 8-12 to drink decaffinated coffee or is it better for them to just drink tea

Submitted By: berriesyummy(1300)

Category: Health

  • Tea
  • Decaffinated coffee
  • Depends
  • None of them
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